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Our Approach

While it starts with great technology and a desire to provide the best service to the customer, the parent company that owns Buzztix is also one of its customers.  We used the platform before we bought into the vision of Showclix our technology provider and now love telling everyone about it.

Our Story

With over 30 events a year across Canada and the US, we knew we needed a platform that was scaleable for our small to large events.  Every ticket provider in North America was courting us at the time but we settled with Buzztix.  Little did we know about the team and support behind the company but when a chance opportunity came to buy the business we jumped.  Only planning to use it for ourselves things changed when trusted clients started asking about the system and if they could use it.  Thus Buzztix expanded and now desires to give you the first class ticketing experience each event deserves.

Next Steps...

If your an event producer, church, artist or author, we encourage you to reach out and hear how we are committed to serving you the same way we serve our events.