Ticketing Services for Event Producers

Online Ticketing

We make offering online tickets easy! We already have the technology in place to offer secure and safe online payments with a variety of tools and features to not only handle your unique event, but ensure a great customer experience as well.

Flexible Features

Recurring Event tickets allow you to manage a series of events by replicating the details. This streamlines the ticketing process for you and allows you to offer more options for customers.

Our Event Calendar allows you to show customers upcoming events in an easy to navigate calendar feature. Whether it’s the same event happening over a series of nights, events happening in different locations, or simply different events you’re hosting.

Event package and merchandise options allow you to upsell the customer at the point of ticket sale. Allow customers to purchase merchandise or bundle other sales with one barcode per ticket. You can also collect donations at checkout.

Custom promo codes are available for exclusive discounts or coupons you want to offer, reserved seating and more.

Group sales allow multiple people to pay their portion of the group ticket order. This makes ordering more convenient and easy to track.

Payment plans can be utilized for high-price ticket orders.

Membership benefits can be offered allowing special member-only access to events and pricing.

Allow customers to name their price based on a minimum ticket price you set.

Easy To Navigate Dashboard

You’ll have access to your own dashboard where you can track whether a marketing push resulted in an increase in ticket sales. Find out peak sales times, identify atypical sales trends, and even compare data from annual or recurring events. Our visual reporting tool makes data analytics clear at a glance. This dashboard is also available on your iOS device so you can track ticket sales in real time. Connect to third party analytic tools like Google Analytics to measure your success.

Reporting Tools

Buzztix offers a powerful line of reporting tools designed to made data analytics clear and allow you to view historical ticketing data at a glance. Historical Timelines creates graphs and charts to visually capture your data and history so you can analyze and interpret faster.

Real-time sales, revenue, and traffic data for all your events is available through our mobile analytics available on Live iOS. Built-in sharing tools means your whole team stays connected so decision can be made faster and on-the-go.

Automate Marketing Tasks

Marketing an event can be chaotic and things can get missed or not followed up on. Let our ticketing assisting tool handle tasks you preset from posting on social media to updating price levels, now nothing will get forgotten. Want to tweet a coupon when ticket sales have reached 50%? Want to adjust prices after an earlybird deadline? Want your team notified by text when an influencer scans their ticket at the door? These are just some of the tasks you can automate to save time and help you sell more tickets without being tied to your account.

Sell Tickets On Facebook

Add a Buy Tickets button to your official Facebook Page to provide a seamless ticket purchasing experience for customers. You’ve already listed the event there, now you can allow customers to click buy directly from Facebook. You can also integrate your event calendar into the Facebook app for recurring events or series.

Customize Your Event’s Page

Customize your event page on Buzztix so customers know they’ve found you through visual branding cues. The first impression is important. Our event pages are responsive, so they’ll show the same no matter what size screen they’re viewed on.

Keep Customers On Your Website

Don’t want to direct customers away from your website? Buzztix event pages are available through iFrames widgets so you can get the Buzztix experience without sending your customers to another website. You can redirect a page on your website to your event page on Buzztix as well. Either way, you’re still assured that the secure payment portal offered by Buzztix is the same.

Create Your Own Seating Maps

Make it easier for customers to choose their ideal seats online by creating your own virtual seating maps by creating a replica of your venue. Build an easy-to-browse virtual seating chart that supports all types of seating situations. Edit seats, holds, price levels and inventories at any time.

Private Label Solutions

Buzztix open API means you can integrate customer data from your ticket sales with your CRM reducing work for you and streamlining the tracking process. Customize how Buzztix appears on your site by automatically posting event listings and creating dedicated search engines. Remove the Buzztix logos and use your own instead on event pages, tickets, and more. Be ticket savvy by accepting multiple currencies, payment options, and international services.

Box Office, Admissions, RFID

Streamline ticket sales by offering a streamlined box office experience whether you’re selling tickets online or at the door, including scanning tickets and RFID badges. Your event will run smoother and both customers and staff will enjoy these simple integrated options.

Ticket Scanning And Walk-Up Ticket Sales

Use our ticket scanner app to keep the lines moving. Axess allows you to skip the purchase of costly hardware by providing a portable, affordable, ticket scanning solution. This app is available for both iOS and Android. This integrated option also allows Buzztix to send text notifications of VIP or influencer entry at the door.

Need to process a crowd wanting to pay at the door? Our mobile box office covers all the bases by allowing you to process and maintain records for cash and credit purchases at the door. Connect to Boca thermal terminal to print tickets and process credit cards. Mobile Box Office is available for iOS and Android.

RFID Capability

Send data wirelessly over many devices to better manage large (or even huge) crowds and streamline your business for staff, vendors and customers.

Printed Tickets and Wristbands

For those that still want to provide a printed option for sale, we print using Boca Thermal Printers and can provide you whatever your event requires.